Which is the Real Bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core?

Is Bitcoin being taken over by the banks?

Censorship in Bitcoin

A (brief and incomplete) history of censorship in /r/Bitcoin

Please do not use the censored /r/bitcoin or Bitcointalk. Use /r/btc instead.

The free and open discussions on this forum help individuals and the Bitcoin community achieve Truth. Everyone has some wisdom or knowledge to contribute to a discussion, and everyone who reads the discussion and gains that knowledge gets closer to the Truth. This is much more effective than having truth dictated by a handful of moderators or voted on by an electorate.

-Theymos, in a post on Bitcointalk in 2013.

Anyone who has been following Bitcoin closely over the past couple of years should by now be well aware of the issues being debated and the existence of censorship in some of Bitcoin’s most prominent communities. For the unaware, a primer:

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Facts vs Myths

Myths Facts
Roger Ver created Bitcoin Cash A team of developers worked on a fork of BTC, among them Amaury Sechét, Freetrader, Bitprim team.
Bitcoin Cash is centralized Bitcoin Cash has multiple developer teams making it impossible to control and push an agenda on the road-map. Bitcoin Core centralized developer team makes it possible to control and is pro-censorship.
There is no community behind it First bitcoin cash meetup occurred in Tokyo last week, the community is growing faster than any other cryptocurrency in the market.
It’s an altcoin Bitcoin cash is bitcoin latest upgrade, it has the genesis block of Bitcoin, making it the best Bitcoin implementation right now.
It’s a pump and dump scheme Bitcoin cash primary goal is to be a mean of exchange since day one. The coin is open source and anyone can check the code. All bitcoin users received a Bitcoin Cash coin in time of a hard fork, making it #1 in terms of user since day one.  There was no premine or anything special given to dev’s.
Bitcoin cash is not bitcoin Bitcoin is not a brand name or being owned by the Core client. Bitcoin is about the protocol and the idea. The community decides what they believe Bitcoin is and should be. Like in open source software projects, if the main project seems to limited to some developers, it’s perfectly legitimate to create a fork.
Bitcoin cash is stealing Bitcoin name Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. It has a different name than bitcoin.
Roger Ver wants to pump and dump Bitcoin cash to make millions Bitcoin cash is internet money available to everyone. Roger Ver is one of the advocate of Bitcoin cash.
Pump and dump scam Bitcoin cash is over 400% in 4 months and regularly reaches over 20 mill market cap
Bitcoin cash users are spamming BTC mempool Bitcoin cash mempool is not related to BTC mempool.  For someone to manipulate the BTC mempool, it would be extremely expensive, current there averages around $4 Million in fees per day paid out.
Big blocks makes bitcoin centralized Big blocks does not make bitcoin centralized. Mining is available to everyone able to invest in it. With the price of hardware decreasing and solutions to scale by coding with low increase of data, there will never one mining entity.
Low adoption Bitcoin cash is the fastest growing crypto currency in the world right now. New businesses starts to use bitcoin cash every day.
Lightning network will kill Bitcoin cash scaling Lightning network will be available to any crypto (including Bitcoin Cash). It won’t solve the on chain scaling issues.
Bitcoin Cash is created by China Bitcoin cash is mined by any miners willing to mine it. Substantial amount of mining is done across Europe and USA.