An intro to bitcoin cash


In the heat of the 2017 crypto bull market things got heated up in the scaling debate. Roger ver and some other bitcoin members wanted to increase the block size (to 8mb), to make sure things were scaling. Other bitcoin team mebers thought this was a bad idea since the entire chain would run up in size and things could not be maintained anymore. Other scaling soltuions where provided like segwit implementation and using the lightning network for small size transactions. The actual fork went on 1 august 2017.

Bitcoin ABC/SV

in 2018 things got bad again and a war was going on between Roger ver, Jihan wu (bitcoin ABC) and Craigh Wright & Calvin Ayre. This resulted in another split of the chain into bitcoin ABC and bitcoin SV.

Current Usage & Pricing

As you can see the price of bitcoin cash is trading a lot higher as the SV version. There are currently thousands of shops around the USA accepting this electronical cash. You can see if a merchant is accepting it by looking at the payment options stickers at their door. Hopefully the demand and utalisation will soar in the near feature with mass adoption as a result.